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Saffia Estate provides an end-to-end service, from finding you a buy-to-let with good development and/or letting potential, to managing the purchase, refurbishment, letting (or sale) of that property.


The goals you have for you, your loved ones and your business or career are unique. With a customised wealth plan, SAFFIA’s Wealth Management can help you make them a reality. Through global expertise, our team provides you with insights to help identify opportunities to strengthen your financial position, diversify your portfolio or create additional income.

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Saffia Estate demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the best marketing tactics required to ensure your property gets seen by the biggest audience of buyers, such as ensuring it’s featured in places. We ensure your property gets the attention it deserves by knowing the best ways to present it online. Provide you with personalised reports on your property’s Right-move performance and advice on how to increase its performance further. Reduce the stress involved with selling your property by negotiating on your behalf and helping you through the tricky exchange and completion stages of the deal.


Find out how you can study abroad and get scholarships. A successful venture starts with a plan. Before going to study abroad as an international student, make sure that you gather all of the information available about preparing for your new life and making it work once here. We’re here to help you with some great resources to get started. We offers a wide range of latest information about study programs and leading educational institutions throughout the globe in order to place students into the best possible courses and institutions to suit their educational and career goals. 


Whether you are becoming a landlord for the first time or you are looking to expand an existing portfolio, we provide short term bridge loans, development and construction loans, and permanent financing for existing properties, our clients don’t need to spend their valuable time going from lender to lender to compare potential solutions. We will take care of all of that. Our clients then simply review our suggestions and rationale of our product suggestions and choose what is right for them.


Maplin provides services to the oil and gas industry. We design, build, operate and maintain facilities in oil and gas, which we provide through an array of innovative models that we alter and specialise to match what our clients are looking for. This, with our diverse portfolio, allows us to respond effectively to the distinct objectives of clients and helps us transform their vision into reality. Engineering services is at the heart of what we do. We will deliver a full suite of engineering services, for both onshore and offshore facilities 

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